Welcome to Weekword!

Weekword: A word a week to kick-start your creativity and get you thinking!

For those of you who haven’t played before or would just like a little refresher, here goes:
Each week (hopefully on a Monday) the week’s host will choose a word to be the Weekword.

All you have to do for Weekword is to respond to the word in any creative outlet you would like – painting, writing, poetry, lyrics, music, photos, collage, mixed media, drawing, verse, dialogue, videos, anything really, and post the results on your blog.

Let the host know you’d like to play in their comments, and the host will post links to the blogs of all the participants on Friday.

Part of the fun of Weekword is visiting new blogs, so be sure to check out all the participants!

This blog is just a place to find out what the current Weekword is and who is hosting. If you want to play along, please click on the host’s blog and leave a comment.

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