Weekword – Sunshine

It has been quite a few weeks since we have had a weekword and I hope that you will participate now if you can. I am putting forward the word Sunshine, particularly because we are now in winter. Sunshine can mean so many things, as well as sun shine it could be a friend or partner who is like a form of sunshine in your life, or a humorous remark which makes you feel lighter/brightens up your day. You get the idea.?

Please let me know if you ate participating by going to my blog, www.john-thehealingseed.blogspot.com plus let me know if you will host next week’s word.


One response to “Weekword – Sunshine

  1. We’ve got multiple weekwords going on this week, sorry everyone!

    So, in the spirit of ambitiousness, try both: Emma’s posted a new weekword – it’s TEA.

    Now that I’ve got internet back again, I’ll make sure we’re more co-ordinated from here on in.