weekword – Sunshine

I swear I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on…………. I forgot that I was hosting weekword this week.I hope that you will participate in week word if you can, it is great fun. I am putting forward the word Sunshine, particularly because we are now in winter. Sunshine can mean so many things, as well as sun shine it could be a friend or partner who is like a form of sunshine in your life, or a humorous remark which makes you feel lighter/brightens up your day. You get the idea.?

Here are the very simple rules.
For those of you who haven’t played before or just like a little refresher on the basic rules, here goes:

All you have to do for Weekword is to share in any creative outlet you would like-painting, writing, poetry, lyrics, music, photos, collage, mixed media, drawing, verse, dialogue, videos, anything really-your interpretation of that week’s word on your blog. Let the host (this week is me) know you’d like to play in their comments, the host will post everyone’s links on Friday.

Please join in and have some fun and I look foward to seeing everyone´s take on the word Sunshine.


Click on John’s blog to join in!

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