New Weekword Host?

Just thought I would check in with you all and see who would like to host for this week. Elena over at My Quest recently posted the word Surreal-hopefully ya’ll got a chance to check it out. If anyone would like to volunteer for this week, toss a comment here, or if it’s all quiet, I’ll try and choose a word by tomorrow morning to get us on track for.

Request for Help

Dear Weekworders,

As you can probably see, I’m having a bit of trouble keeping up with the Weekword blog, and I was wondering if another kind person would like to either foster or adopt it so it doesn’t feel neglected!

If you’re interested, let me know in the comments and I’ll be in touch!


Im a bit behind since my mom has been ill so I’ll post the word here then follow up later with blog post.






I don’t know if I have missed and new weekwords, if not it seems a while since we had our weekly piece of pleasure. So unless there are any objections I’ll host next weeks word. INTEREST, or interesting, or interested……..

Let me just cover why I think weekword is so important, it is a great way of meeting new friends, it can also improve our understanding of things because of its diversity of writers, it takes us out of our own comfort zone when someone else picks the word and gets our creative/intuitive “juices” going but most of all it is because it should be a pleasure, a pleasure shared with others. So please join in.


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